RUI OZAWA saxo soprano

RAQUEL PAÑOS saxo alto


LIVIA FERRARA saxo barítono

AGO 1 / 13h / 2021

C.P Joakin Lizarraga (Avda. Jorge Oteiza 4, Sarriguren)

We went around without looking for each other,

but knowing we went around to find each other.

Rayuela, Julio Cortázar

These few words, taken from the first pages of Rayuela, masterpiece of Argentine literature written by Julio Cortázar in 1963, define the deepest essence of the Ensemble Rayuela; An unexpected meeting of four personalities, creating an artistic project together.

As in Cortázar’s novel, this story begins in the city of lights, beginning a musical sharing of humanity that grows each day as we meet and collaborate. In this way, the Ensemble Rayuela, is an open and flexible formation, adapting itself according to the nature of the project on which we work. We create in our group, our own repertoire with ideas and values that are precious to us. This is in the same way that readers of Rayuela can interpret his novel three different ways, as he explains in his prologue.

Rayuela (hopscotch): It is a children’s game where we draw a line with chalk in reference to contemporary Latin American literature, which is the inspiration of the Ensemble Rayuela

which formed in 2017, the year of the beginning of their artistic journey.


The Ensemble Rayuela was founded at the Paris Conservatory, upon the meeting of four saxophonists. The members of the ensemble are originally from different countries (Spain, Italy and Japan), whose rich cultural combination helps them to connect with other musicians and composers and the propitious encounters lead to the exploration of new musical styles.

The Ensemble Rayuela performed in the Grande Salle Pierre Boulez at the Philharmonie de Paris as part of the festival “Prélude aux concerts.” They also performed at “Automne musical grand Châtellerault”, “Les concerts de l’Epau”, “Festival Européen Jeunes talents”, “Saison musical aux Invalides” and “Festival Paseo”. The Ensemble also participated in the XVIII World Saxophone Congress in Zagreb, Croatia.

Their first album, “Tableaux” was recorded under the label DUX, with music written by Modest Mussorgsky arranged by David Walter and original works which are dedicated to

this ensemble by Alex Nante and Benoît Sitzia. Rayuela obtained the Master degree of Chamber Music with the first prize and congratulations from the jury under the guidance of David Walter at the Paris Conservatory.

The Ensemble Rayuela has received prizes from international competitions including the “First Prize” and “Jury Prize” at the 91st edition of the Léopold Bellan Competition.

They are sponsored by Henri Selmer of Paris, D’Addario Woodwinds, JLV Sound, the Société Générale Mécénat Musical and the Collège Contemporain. They are also resident artists of the prestigious Fondation Singer-Polignac.


Gioachino Rossini​  (1792 – 1868).  Rossini per quattro  (arr. Gaetano di Bacco)                         

Thierry Escaich (1965) . Tango virtuoso

Leonard Bernstein  (1918 – 1990) West Side Story (arr. James Boatman)                                   

I feel pretty                                                                                                                                     


Balcony scene                   



Gee, office Krupke             

Makoto Hondo  (1989) Medley de Chansons Françaises                                              

George Gershwin (1898 – 1937)  Tres preludios (arr. Wolfgang Schlei)                                     

Allegro ben ritmato et deciso                                                                 

Andante con moto e poco rubato            

Allegro ben ritmato et deciso