Clásica Plus arises in 2021, a year in which we all have changed. The silence of the pandemic these days is transformed into a rebirth, in the need to reinvent oneself and establish a friendship with the word resilience. In this context, Clásica Plus arises, an author’s festival, around classical music, devised by the renowned violist Isabel Villanueva. The project, a result of more than ten years of work, highlights the vital need of the Navarran artist to develop a different program, reclaiming and highlighting the artistic-musical history of this region. Isabel’s enthusiasm to share the music of the most charismatic national and international artists of the moment and breaking the usual clichés of classical music in order to reach all kinds of unlabeled audiences, resulted in great media success in the first edition held in 2020 (Pamplona Reclassics). This renewed edition of the festival reaffirms its identity, builds on its essence and promises us more … hence its name, Clásica Plus.